Breakfast Series


On Monday 9th March 2020 In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) WIEN is hosting a Breakfast Session at 8:30am Key Industry leaders discussed the theme “Closing The Energy Gap” and present actionable initiatives and opportunities that will address this gap in Nigeria and hopefully bring about a measurable increase in the number of women participating in the energy sector over the next 3-5 years. It promises to be great meeting of minds, and an amazing networking opportunity for professionals in energy- oil, gas, power, renewables etc.


Anthony Ellis, GM Contracting & procurement, Shell | Topic: Diversity

Patricia Opene-Odili, Coordinator, NNPC/DPR/OGA Liaison, ExxonMobil |Topic: Key Initiatives to be implemented in a 3-5year period to “Close the Energy Gap”

Yetunde Taiwo, Chief Executive Officer, ANOH Gas Processing Company |Topic: Assa North Gas project.

Closing the Gap in Energy.

  1. Doing things differently – Global best practice applied locally.
  2. Being creative through our diversity – solving real problems.
  3. Addressing the issues around energy supply – systems, processes & people.

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WIEN Breakfast Session commitments

  1. WIEN in biz profile – we need to refocus ourselves. What do each want to be known for?
  2. WIEN in careers – we need commitments to promote women into leadership positions and implement supplier diversity
  3. Govt policies – include a gender dimension to all tenders.
  4. Reduce contracting cycle 0-18 months and increase the tenure of contracts much longer.
  5. Increase contract duration to ensure enough time to recover investment
  6. Investments in Energy Gap projects
  7. We will run master classes to learn how to put bids together etc.

Mr. Anthony Ellis, GM Contracting & Procurement, Shell talks about Diversity. Some hard-hitting soundbites from his talk

“As a woman in energy, go for what you want. Do not go for the low hanging fruit, go for the tough stuff, lean in, take your place at the table and stop apologizing for being female”

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