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In WIEN we welcome corporate organisations who are keen to support the development and participation of women in the energy industry as well as have their brand placed alongside other world class organisations who have realized that supporting gender diversity brings about improved business results. To this end we have 4 main categories of members as follows:


This is our first category of membership for SME corporate organizations that want to benefit from having their brand associated with a strong diversity brand like WIEN in the industry and wants its employees to participate in world class leadership, management, technical and networking forums and learning opportunities. 

In addition members in this category benefit from support in developing their diversity business case, free resources in this regards and an opportunity to network with other corporates in the energy industry.  In this category members will be able to have up to 22 of its employees granted complimentary membership of WIEN.

Cost – ₦ 1,000,000.00 (One Million Naira Only)

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Silver membership provides a step-up for corporate brands. An opportunity to be part of an elite group who benefit from peer-to-peer interactions, brand visibility and improved business results from being a silver diversity champion. Additionally, up to 50 Employees would be automatically awarded with WIEN individual membership. 

Cost – ₦ 2,250,000.00 (Two Million two hundred and fifty thousand naira only)

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The Gold level membership is for organisations that have proven track record of supporting the diversity agenda. Members in the gold category will be given an opportunity to promote their brands and products to WIEN Members. Up to 100 Employees of a Gold member will be automatically awarded WIEN individual membership and would benefit from participating in all the WIEN initiatives.

Cost ₦ 4,500,000.00 (Four Million Five hundred thousand naira only)

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Our highest level of membership is the platinum level. This is suitable for large corporates who want to align their brands only with the most discerning of organisations who understand the power of diversity. 

The Chief Executive officer will be given a seat on the WIEN Advisory Council and they have the opportunity to drive the agenda of WIEN and interact with the WIEN Trustees on a regular basis.

There will be automatic individual membership for up to 200 Employees.  A seat on the WIEN advisory council, which shows company’s reputation and credibility in the market place, demonstrates company’s commitment to growth, and allows company to wield increase consumer and investor confidence.

Cost ₦ 9,000,000 (Nine Million Naira Only)

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  • Speaking Opportunities that will allow corporate members to highlight their potentials and promote their organizations.
  • Access to pool of high-level female talent that promotes development of members and exposes organization to strong talent pool for recruitment.

  • Complimentary Invitations to events (with advanced notice). in the industry.

  • Industry recognition of organizations, that creates stakeholder value 

  • Access to programs and events, such as webinars, workshops and master classes that will aid to increase industry knowledge, create opportunities for improved development, increase brand value, and is a cost effective way of training members.

  • Opportunities to interact with seasoned experts and professionals.

  • .Access to high-level mentors, to build confidence of members and improved development.

  • Speaker and Moderator Roles, that allows you to highlight your organization as a credible player in the market, allows you to show expertise, stand out from competition, & allows you to show case for bigger speaking opportunities as an organization.

  • The membership will also allow for brand visibility across all WIEN initiatives, websites and events that help to increase and promote more women’s participation.

  • Participation in strong gender advocacy group, that will enable us push policies that promote more women inclusion and diversity.

  • Signage at all events, Logo recognition in website and newsletter.

  • The membership will also allow for brand visibility across all WIEN initiative, websites and events

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