WIEN’s Electoral Committee Report, and Newly Appointed Board Of Directors

In line with the Women in Energy Network Election Guidelines, the first election process was executed in October 2022. The process commenced on the 28 of September 2022, with keyactivities on the timetable as follows; (a). Call for elections.(b). Announcement of guidelines, and issuance of the nominationforms by the 28th of September.(c). Submission of completed nomination forms by the 11th of October,(d). Publication of reviewed list of candidates for elective offices by the 18th of October.(e). Start of campaign by 19th October.(f). Launched the e-voting platform and sensitized voters by the 24th of October.(g). Completed collation and validation of voters’ emails by the 31st of October.(h). Commenced voting on the 1st of November, and ended voting on the 8th of November.(i). Announced the results at the Inaugural AGM on the…
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