WIEN Awards


The WIEN Awards is one of the programs under the WIEN Leadership. An important and integral part of the WIEN Awards is to recognize and honour the advances and achievements made by its members. The WIEN Awards will be regarded as highly valuable and prestigious within the energy sector. 

Objectives of the Award

·       For the advancement of women gender & diversity in the industry.

·       To promote the participation and advancement of women in leadership across the energy sector.

·       To create access to funding and resources to women in the industry.

·       To promote women owned businesses in the industry.

·       For women to have access to industry relevant information.

·       To advocate for equal opportunities.

The theme for the inaugural award ceremony is Winning with Women Awards (WIWA).

The WIEN Awards offers 5 Awards categories.

Award Categories

·       Gender Advocate of the Year 2020

·       The Woman Making Most Impact in the Industry

·       The Most Inclusive Agency

·       The Corporate with the Most Diverse Management Team

·       Sponsor for Women in Leadership

·       The Best Place for Women to Work 

 The Wining with Women Award was presented during the just concluded WIEN- REAN International Women’s Day Conference on Saturday 13th March, 2021

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