About WIEN

About WIEN


WIEN is an association established in 2020 to provide a platform for Women that work across the Energy Industry value chain; to network and build confidence and links to progress their careers or businesses.


Our vision is to be the leading Network that promotes the participation and advancement of Women in leadership across the energy value chain in support of National Development.


  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Collaborative
  • Inclusivity
  • Determined
  • Trust

WIEN is an association that facilitates greater success through gender
diversity, equity, and inclusion. The combined professional experience and global
network of our founding members enable us to advocate for change and educate to
advance women and entrepreneurs at various levels in the energy supply chain. A
WIEN woman uplifts other women, helps drive organizational performance,
accelerates profitability, and is committed to the advancement of the energy sector for
national development.


  • Address representation of women in leadership positions across the energy industry to drive performance and delivery.
  • Enhance the quality of decision-making through a diverse and holistic approach to ideas generation.
  • Advocate for policies and regulations in the energy industry to attract and exploit the potential of women in value creation.
  • Leverage the nature and nurture capabilities of women in domestication.
  • Seek transfer of skills and capabilities across the various sectors in the Energy industry.
  • The platform for women across entrepreneurial, corporate, and government entities.


  • WIEN is an umbrella body to enable collaborations across all the women’s networks in the energy industry.
  • Creating a platform for women to network and develop their core skills and capabilities.
  • Actively promote the interest of the girl child in STEM
  • Offer coaching and mentoring opportunity for women in the industry.
  • Be the advocacy voice supporting women’s participation and engagement in various sectors of the energy industry.
  • Ensure women have the requisite capabilities to support entrepreneurial ventures.
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