WIEN Executive Secretary

WIEN Executive Secretary

Asanimo Omezi
Executive Secretary

Asanimo Omezi is a Management Consultant/Top Level General Manager with over three decades of experience spanning Marketing & Sales Management, Strategic Support, Brand Building, Business Development and beyond. As a business expansion specialist, she has developed strategic and tactical solutions to build businesses from the ground up, ensuring a competitive edge, sustainability, and exponential growth. She brings a wealth of experience in analyzing market competition, setting targets, designing and implementing operational processes, and fostering customer-centric approaches to achieve client satisfaction and business success.

In her capacity as the Executive Secretary at Women in Energy Network (WIEN), she is instrumental in driving initiatives to promote gender diversity and empowering women in leadership within the energy sector. Her responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of strategic and operational tasks:

  • Facilitating membership growth for individuals and corporates.
  • Curating and executing board-approved strategic plans.
  • Organizing annual activities for board and member engagement.
  • Collaborating on funding targets with the Board and Sponsorship Director.
  • Overseeing secretariat development for administrative support.

Asanimo is a registered Engineer with COREN, a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and the Chartered Institute of Directors, and is very passionate about volunteering, coaching and mentorship. With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to driving positive change, she strives to deliver value and impact in every endeavor.

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